EYTCC Members Magazine Preferences


From here, EYTCC Members can specify if they would prefer to receive our club magazine ‘Thoroughbred Torque’ electronically – or through the post as a paper copy.


If you choose to receive the magazine electronically (as per the examples here) in a PDF format emailed to you monthly…


      1. You will help save the club money
      2. It is greener for the planet
      3. Be able to access the magazine from anywhere online, at any time
      4. You can change your mind at any time by coming back to this page


Please complete the following

Those choosing to receive the electronic copy online, will once a month receive an email, with a unique link to their online magazine copy. The online copy can then be read online, or downloaded to be read offline, or printed.


When fully operational, only those members whom have chosen to receive the electronic copy, will have access to the online version. As with the postal version, you will receive with your electronic copy email message, your membership number reminder, and details of when and how your membership renews.