Online Instant Printing Services

If you don’t currently have access to a printer, and you are looking for a fast and low cost solution – then we have found that PC2Paper my be your answer. Simply create a free account, upload your PDF artwork, and have it sent to you via the Royal Mail. And all for less than £2.00!

Here we will walk you through the process. But first of all you will need to have what you want printing, readily accessible on your computer / device.

If we have sent you the artwork attached to an email, then you will need to first save it somewhere, where you can retrieve it from – such as a specific folder. Then you are ready to order the laser print.

1. Create a (free) account at PC2Paper.

2. You will now need to top-up the account from a card or through PayPal. The minimum top-up is just £5.00 – this should be enough for 2 additional prints in the future.

3. Once you’ve logged in – select from the top menu ‘write a letter’ > ‘single letter’.

4. Enter your name and address in the ‘receivers address’ fields.

5. Then below the address, select the ‘PDF attachments’ tab, then ‘Attach PDF’.

6. Leave the box ticked, to send without a cover letter.

7. ‘Choose file’, from your computer or device (you can also upload from Google Drive and Drop Box). Then select ‘upload’.

8. Your file name should now be visible on the page – so you can select ‘send’.

9. A popup screen will appear where you can select how you want the print handled. And beneath that, should be a copy of the artwork to be printed.

We suggest you select the following..

  • UK 2nd Class Post
  • No extras
  • Black & White Laser
  • White 100gsm paper
  • A4 white envelope

10. Now tick the confirmation box, and then select ‘send’. And that’s all there is to it.

When we tested the service, it cost us just £1.45 – meaning, we can repeat the process a couple more times in the future, without having to make any further top-ups.

We the UKCVG are not affiliated with, nor receive any rewards from PC2Paper.